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Do You Have the Best Italian Ice Cream Suppliers?

Choosing the best Italian ice cream suppliers is imperative to your shops success. When choosing which supplier you should go with, be sure you are keeping in mind your overall budget, time to get from supplier to your shop, and minimum quantity purchase requirements. Look for reviews from current customers, online social medial pages, background history, years in business, and location. So, how do you find the best one for your company?

Here are some key points you may want… Read More

Smart Tips On Choosing A Commercial Gelato Machine

Dessert have been a great part of our meals, regardless of country and culture. Many enjoy desserts after the main course of meal, or during snack time and leisure time. Desserts can be purchased at stores, small shops, or made at home.    

Most people, especially kids, would say that dessert is best when it’s sweet and cold at the same time. And what pops into your mind.. What do you crave for? I hope you said, gelato… Read More

How the Right Gelato Freezer and Refrigerator can make a Huge Difference in Your Gelato Experience

There is one cold food that is considered by many as comfort food, gelato. This mild tasting, soft and silky dessert is recognized as being a healthier choice than typical ice cream. Gelato is an Italian word and this Italian style of making ice cream is superior to other types of cold desserts. While gelato is wonderful, the correct style of gelato refrigerator and freezer also matters.

The Gelato Freezer

A special gelato freezer is needed to make the perfect… Read More

First Time Food Show Fun
Imagine the impact of more than 2,670 exhibitors, 47,000 specialty food and beverage professionals and an exhibit hall spanning the equivalent of six football fields. That was the scene during Villa Dolce’s first appearance at the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show held late June in New York’s Javits Center.
Villa Dolce Italian Gelato

Villa Dolce Italian Gelato

With Italy as the largest international exhibitor, Villa Dolce felt right at home showcasing their authentic Italian gelato. Understanding how visual appeal influences the way we… Read More

Villa Dolce Gelato will be at the Fancy Food Show!

Cocktails, candy, chocolates and cheese….you’ll find all this and much, much more next week at the Fancy Food Show, North America’s largest specialty food and beverage show.

From June 26th – 28th, Villa Dolce Gelato will be among the 46,000+ industry professionals attending the Fancy Food Show held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.  You can find us in booth #669 with the California Milk Advisory Board – please stop by and… Read More

12 Food and Drink Trends – Part 1

At Villa dolce, we’ve been following the trends in the food and drink category for the last 15+ years.  We’ve watched the rise (and sometimes fall) of trends like food trucks, cupcakes, bacon, craft cocktails, and cronuts.  So we were very intrigued when Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, published their predictions for 2016. Mintel’s analyst team identified 12 key food and drink trends set to impact global markets this year.   According to… Read More

Spectacular Single-Serve Gelato Cups

What is most important to today’s consumers is convenience.

Since many consumers are time stressed, multi tasking has become not just a habit, but a way of life. Everyone works too much and over schedules their time. One of the great joys is to find a little time for an affordable, elegant luxury. Single-serve Gelato meets the needs of busy people on the go.

Gelato’s popularity is legendary the past few years. Many new and interesting flavors have hit the… Read More

Gelato Now Mainstream in U.S. Market

For many years, Americans would return from a visit to Italy raving about the food – it’s almost impossible to have a bad meal in Italy. And a big part of every conversation was gelato, which is served on what seems like every block in every city throughout the country.

The eye-popping flavors and creamy texture and full mouth-feel leave lingering after tastes that have you craving more. You immediately swear off bland American ice cream as a pretender and… Read More

Gelato vs Ice Cream

The reasons are simple: Gelato is made with all natural ingredients, has less fat and fewer calories. More specifically:

Gelato is much denser than Ice Cream, which means the flavors are much more intense. This is primarily due to how it’s made: Ice Cream is churned faster and harder  which whips in a lot of air expanding the overall volume. Ice Cream can be churned up to 50-90% higher volume, which translates into a lot less… Read More