Do You Have the Right Equipment to Sell Gelato or Sorbetto?

If you’re thinking about selling gelato or sorbetto, or perhaps you already do, it’s important to have the right equipment. Selling gelato is completely different than selling ice cream. There are special things you need for your business to be a success. Gelato dipping freezers and sorbetto dipping freezers are among the pieces of equipment you’ll want to have. Let’s take a look at some of the other items you should add to your list.

Cups & Spoons to Sell Gelato and Sorbetto

You’ll want to stock up on special spoons to serve your gelato and sorbetto as well as cups. Gelato is served in small cups with little spatula-like spoons to eat. Since gelato is made and churned differently than ice cream, these little spatulas make it easier to eat.

Serving Trays and Spatulas

Gelato and sorbetto are not stored in the huge tubs you see ice cream stored in. Gelato and sorbetto require special trays to be placed inside gelato dipping freezers and sorbetto dipping freezers to display and serve.

These containers are made to fit inside the dipping freezers. Many come with their own lids to keep the gelato and sorbetto fresh.

Besides special trays, you will also need unique spatulas to serve your gelato and sorbetto. These are not your typical ice cream scoopers. These are spatulas that help to maintain the creaminess gelato has to offer. When you choose a supplier such as Villa Dolce Gelato, we will guide you about these spatulas and what you need.

Gelato Dipping Freezers and Sorbetto Dipping Freezers

These special display cases allow you to show off your delicious desserts in their best light. They are made to fit the gelato containers with a clear window. Your customers will clearly be able to see what you have to offer. 

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