Why Not All Gelato Display Freezers Are Created Equal

If you’ve been to an ice cream shop, you’ve probably noticed that most ice cream is displayed in the same type of case. The ice cream is in large tubs and placed in a freezer with a clear window so people can see the various flavors.

But, with gelato that’s not the case. Gelato display freezers come in different varieties. When you buy gelato in bulk, it’s important to have a gelato display freezer that shows off all of your great flavors.

At Villa Dolce Gelato, we offer a variety of gelato display freezers so your customers can see all of the delicious flavors you have to offer.

Aspen Deluxe Gelato Showcase

This case holds up to 24 gelato flavors and is a great option when you buy gelato in bulk. It also has a flat glass top so that your customers can see everything. All of the pans you need are included so you can configure your case anyway you’d like.

Troy Sport Low Profile Gelato Case

This case has a great look to it as well as an LED-lit flavor rail for displaying flavors. You can store up to 24 gelato flavors in this case as well. So, it just depends on the look you’re going for and the features that you need.

Smyrna Gelato Case

When it comes to gelato display freezers, this one has a unique look to it with its geometric shapes and prism lines. The angled shape makes it easy for your customers to see all of the delicious flavors you have to offer.

SLM Gelato Case

If you’re new to the gelato scene, this may be a great starter case for you. It holds up to eight different flavors. It’s sleek and is made of high-quality materials.

When it comes to finding the right gelato case, consider the space you have, the number of flavors you plan on offering, and the look you’re going after in your shop. This will help you find the right gelato case for your business.

Villa Dolce Gelato

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