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Ranking Top 2 Gelato Display Cases You Need!

Are you looking for an amazing yet affordable Gelato Display Case, or maybe even a whole store of gelato display cases? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Villa Dolce Gelato and its owners, the Marcaccini brothers, are the most experienced in gelato. For years they have been giving the world some of the best italian gelato you could ever hope to taste. So, today, with help of the Marcaccini brothers, we will be showing you the ranking… Read More

Why You Need the Right Gelato Display Case

Like ice cream, gelato is considered one of the best and most versatile cold desserts in the world. We’re not only referring to traditional gelato. There are also other varieties like gelato cakes and sundaes. Moreover, the possibilities to have new appetizing and scrumptious gelato flavors are endless. Name the flavor you want, there’s a gelato for you.

And because we know you want gelato so much that you want to take all of them at home, it pays to… Read More

How to Spot a Fake Wholesale Gelato Supplier

Are you looking to start as a Wholesale Gelato company in the United States, but is looking for a legit supplier? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a guide that will help you spot a fake supplier.

A stressful day is best relieved with a cup of gelato that is made with fresh ingredients. Hence, it is no surprise why many have picked up such trend. Unfortunately, some wholesale gelato sellers take advantage of… Read More

4 Ways to Increase Wholesale Gelato Sales All-Year Round

When it’s hot and humid, who could say no to a delicious and cold gelato? Well, everyone just loves it! But if it’s winter, it’s really hard to increase sales. Fortunately, there’s hope for those in the wholesale gelato business.

By introducing some fun and enticing marketing schemes, any wholesale gelato seller can increase his sales! Here are 4 we ideas we can recommend.

  1. Host a fun gelato challenge.

If you want to stand out among your competitions, engage your… Read More

The Best Ways to Store Your Gelato

Whether you are planning to buy wholesale gelato from the grocery store or prepare it from scratch, you should know that there are various ways to keep its texture and flavor. Yes, a gelato freezer may help, but you don’t want to go wrong in here. C’mon, we are talking about gelato! So, here are some things you should take into consideration:

1. Deep chill it.
If there is something you should know about storing gelato, it is the fact… Read More

Selling Gelato: Some Wonderful Things about Gelato

Gelato is one of the most delicious Italian dessert dishes of all time. It’s somewhat similar to ice creams, yet it’s different due to its properties. It’s composed of amazing ingredients like cream, milk, sugar, and many other ingredients. It is available in different flavors like chocolate, fruits, raspberry, and anything you can imagine.

If you are interested in selling gelato, you are at the right place because many people are interested in buying this product. The reason… Read More

Selling Gelato – Taste the Best Italian Gelato from Villa Dolce

Gelato is one of the most sought after treats all over the world right now. And the good thing about it is that you can easily find it everywhere! However, if you want to taste real Italian gelato, then you might want to check out Villa Dolce and see what they have to offer.

Selling gelato is their bread and butter. In fact, through their website, you can order their products wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re a… Read More

Spectacular Single-Serve Gelato Cups

What is most important to today’s consumers is convenience.

Since many consumers are time stressed, multi tasking has become not just a habit, but a way of life. Everyone works too much and over schedules their time. One of the great joys is to find a little time for an affordable, elegant luxury. Single-serve Gelato meets the needs of busy people on the go.

Gelato’s popularity is legendary the past few years. Many new and interesting flavors have hit the… Read More

Gelato Now Mainstream in U.S. Market

For many years, Americans would return from a visit to Italy raving about the food – it’s almost impossible to have a bad meal in Italy. And a big part of every conversation was gelato, which is served on what seems like every block in every city throughout the country.

The eye-popping flavors and creamy texture and full mouth-feel leave lingering after tastes that have you craving more. You immediately swear off bland American ice cream as a pretender and… Read More

Gelato vs Ice Cream

The reasons are simple: Gelato is made with all natural ingredients, has less fat and fewer calories. More specifically:

Gelato is much denser than Ice Cream, which means the flavors are much more intense. This is primarily due to how it’s made: Ice Cream is churned faster and harder  which whips in a lot of air expanding the overall volume. Ice Cream can be churned up to 50-90% higher volume, which translates into a lot less… Read More