Ranking Top Things You Never Knew About Gelato!

When people hear the word “Gelato” they often think of ice cream. And while gelato and ice cream are both are similar in their consistency and properties and even made with a lot of the same ingredients, they are actually quite different. Now, if you are wanting to get into the gelato business and are looking to either find Wholesale gelato or even a great Gelato Supplier, then this is an article for you. Not only will we help you understand a little more about what gelato really is, but we will also show you why we believe that Villa Dolce Gelato is the only wholesale gelato supplier you’ll ever need. So with that, please read on and learn about the top things you never knew about gelato. Enjoy!

Gelato is NOT Ice Cream!

No matter which italian you ask, they all say the same thing, “gelato is not ice cream.” Why is this? Well, as it turns out there are a lot of differences between ice cream and gelato. But first, to give you a little background on gelato, as you may have guessed it comes from italy.

Gelato came to America in 1770 when a man Named Giovanni Basiolo brought the recipe for two kinds of gelato: a water-based fruit filled gelato, which we know as sorbet, and the one we know as gelato, which is filled with milk, sugar and flavoring. Another difference between ice cream and gelato is that fact that gelato is mostly made with whole milk, which actually contains less fat than regular ice cream. Likewise, gelato uses little to no egg yolks, while ice cream has a lot of them.

Gelato is Better Than Ice Cream!

Unlike ice cream, gelato has less less air. How this happens is by churning gelato slower than ice cream, so that when it is whipped together it gets less air inside of it, making it more creamy and less dense. Believe it or not, both gelato and ice cream are both churned, but because of the patience given to the gelato, it results in a far more flavorful, creamy and less dense dessert than ice cream, thus making it a superior dessert to ice cream.


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