Ranking Top 2 Gelato Display Cases You Need!

Are you looking for an amazing yet affordable Gelato Display Case, or maybe even a whole store of gelato display cases? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Villa Dolce Gelato and its owners, the Marcaccini brothers, are the most experienced in gelato. For years they have been giving the world some of the best italian gelato you could ever hope to taste. So, today, with help of the Marcaccini brothers, we will be showing you the ranking top 2 gelato display cases you need. Enjoy!

  1. Aspen Deluxe Gelato Showcase.

As the biggest gelato display case on our list, the Aspen Deluxe can handle nearly everything you throw at it or into it. With glass that is both double pane, heated on the front and side and has a hydraulic piston lift-up for the front glass pane, you won’t have to worry about heavy lifting or the glass pane from breaking. It also has a digital temperature control and automatic hot-gas defrost as well as the air-cooled condensing unit, you can easily manage the temperature of you gelato.

With the stainless steel work surface and flat glass top for your merchandising, you can easily showcase your cones, toppings and other assortment of goodies for purchasing. Likewise, with an LED front panel spotlight and lit flavor rail plus the 8 degree panel slope, you will be able to showcase your many gelato flavors for everyone to see and drool at. And finally with it’s stainless steel gelato pans and caster wheels, this gelato showcase is great for any pastry, chocolate or Deli.

  1. “SLM” Gelato Showcase.

The “SLM,” or Slimline Gelato Showcase, is one of our favorites. Although this is one of the smallest showcase displays we have, it is not lacking any of the important parts. In fact, it is perfect for any business who is not focused on gelato, but wants to provide it for their customers. And with its sleek look, this showcase offers a modern feel with its curved glass and attractive paneling.

Similarly to our previous contender, the “SLM” offers a digital temperature control, automatic hot-gas defrost and an air-cooled condensing unit. Likewise, it has the same stainless steel work surface, gelato pans and caster wheels, as well as the standard silver finish, to make it feel like the original. Finally, with this model, it allows you to have your own gelato showcase display without the hassle of needing a lot of space for it.

*Note: with both of these displays, we offer various models ranging in different sizes for you to choose the one that best fits your needs.


In conclusion, remember that regardless of the display you choose, you will always be getting the wonderful service we here at Villa Dolce Gelato offer. Likewise, we offer many more displays which you are free to view at your convenience here.

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