Start Your Year Right by Getting One of the Best Gelato Display Cases!

The new year has started and everyone is busy trying to stay focused on their new year resolutions. From getting more fit at the gym to getting a new and better job, while these are great things to do this new year, improving your year in the gelato business is a better way to go. “But, how can I improve my gelato business this new year,” you ask? Well today we will be showing you the best gelato cases you need to start your year right. So, with that, sit and read with a cup of gelato in hand and enjoy!

Slimline Gelato Showcase or “SLM”!

We always say that it is best to start on the small things and work your way up to the bigger things. And for this new year, it is the same for your gelato business. That is why, the first on the list is the “SLM,” or Slimline Gelato Showcase. Although one of the smallest displays in our stock, it is not lacking anything, all of the important parts are there. This is a great gelato display case to start your year small and work your way up as it looks sleek and even has a very modern feel to it with the glass and paneling.

With a digital control for the temperature, an automatic hot-gas defrost and a condensing unit which is air-cooled you won’t have to worry about your gelato melting as the months become hotter. And with gelato pans, caster wheels and also the work surface all being stainless steel, they all have a killer silver finish that make your customers drool. And with the smaller design, it is less of a hassle to move around if you have little space. Perfect for a start this new year.

Aspen Deluxe Gelato Showcase!

With the new year already upon us, there has never been a better time to improve your gelato business and upgrade your gelato showcases and gelato dipping cases. That being said, the Aspen Deluxe is the perfect choice for you. Not only will it withstand nearly everything you throw at it, but since it has a double pane glass front and side with a heated hydraulic piston lift-up, heavy lifting or breaking glass won’t be an issue.

With a work surface, gelato pans and caster wheels that are all stainless steel, it looks very sheek and clean. It also has the LED spotlight for the front panel and flavor rail. This helps to better showcase your gelato and bring profits to a max. And similarly to the SLM showcase, the Aspen Deluxe has a digital control for the temperature and air-cooled condensing unit that allows you to manage temperatures easily. However, what sets it apart is the automatic hot-gas defrost.


In conclusion, note that both of the displays we showed you offer other models with options such as different sizes and colors to ensure you get the showcase that fits your needs. No matter what you choose to get for the new year, the wonderful service we have here at Villa Dolce Gelato will never change. And if you would like to view the other showcases and other products we offer, please click here.

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