Strawberry Balsamic Basil Milkshake Recipe


Balsamic glaze adds a complex finish to the ripe strawberries in our Wild Strawberry Sorbetto.


5 oz Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato
2 oz Half and Half Cream
2 oz Balsamic Glaze
5 oz Wild Strawberry Sorbetto
2 oz Basil Simple Syrup
2 tsp Plumped Basil Seeds
2 tsp White Basil Pearls


Blend together the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato and half and half cream.

Separately, blend the Wild Strawberry Sorbetto and basil simple syrup.

Coat the base of the cup with balsamic glaze.

Begin filling the cup first with the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato shake, then the Wild Strawberry Sorbetto shake

Top with plumped basil seeds and balsamic pearls, then serve.

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