Fine Dining

Creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about the details. This goes well beyond music, lighting, and art on the walls. It’s about living up to higher expectations and delivering an authentic dining experience.

Villa Dolce is driven to elevate dessert and convey a sensory experience through clean, natural, artisan recipes. We take pride in the details, from balancing simple and complex flavors, to developing textures, contrasts and a velvety smooth finish.  

We take great care to set the highest standards for every flavor we create.  This includes sourcing our natural ingredients from their origin of authenticity, our way of bringing the world a little closer with every bite. A delicious example is our Argentine Sea Salt Caramel, which combines French Fleur de Sel and authentic Argentinian Dulce de Leche, both imported from their source, to deliver a wonderfully balanced flavor profile.

Let us help bring only the best to your table.

Mission Driven

Our mission drives us to make the best quality, best for you product in the industry. In order to achieve this, Villa Dolce and our ingredient partners have implemented best business practices to ensure that our product also benefits future generations to come. These practices include: USDA organic certification, upholding the highest standards of animal care and environmental stewardship, and utilizing the latest technology to improve product shelf life, reduce waste and foster innovation.


Villa Dolce makes 100% natural, artisan gelato and sorbetto “from scratch.”

At Villa Dolce, we make and pasteurize our own gelato base. In contrast, the industry standard has allowed other manufacturers to make gelato using “off the shelf” milk base from a regional dairy, or worse, allowed them to reconstitute a dry Italian powder base with water and market it as “cold process” gelato. As true gelato purists, we would say this is NOT gelato.

Villa Dolce’s commitment to the highest quality has driven us to partner with the California Milk and Dairy Board and their co-op of local farmers.  This allows us to sustainably and responsibly source raw milk from herds that are grass-grazed, and hormone and antibiotic free, further enhancing our finished product.


Using our made-from-scratch gelato base as a foundation, we fold in our all-natural ingredients, which are sourced from around the world. We say they are sourced by “Origin of Authenticity,” which means we’ve researched the most authentic location and representation for each ingredient.  We then look for nuances that will enhance the customers’ experience to a whole new level. For instance, we source our Italian Pistachio nuts from a small, independent farming region in Sicily called “Bronte.” This region is renowned for its pistachio crops and even has its own global quality certification, the “Bronte Seal.” What makes this ingredient special is the fact that at harvest, the crop is shelled and the pistachios are ground (on-site) to such a fine state that they become almost the consistency of butter. It is this 100% pure fresh pistachio butter that we fold into our Sicilian Pistachio gelato. We foster this creativity in sourcing ingredients for every flavor we develop, to deliver the best and most memorable flavor experience possible for our customers.


Who said gelato had to be expensive to be good?

For almost 20 years, Villa Dolce focused on becoming the definition of quality and value. We did so by scaling our business and utilizing the latest in production technology to streamline costs, reduce labor expense and extend shelf life for our customers.

If we did a comparison at the artisan level, boutique local gelato makers charge high prices for product, offer less shelf life, less selection of flavors, less consistency by flavor and require high delivery minimums.

To make gelato in-house, it requires spending thousands on costly gelato making equipment or repairs, and it still produces a product with less shelf life, less consistency and labor cost limitations. In fact, labor is the primary deterrent to making product in-house, as production is both a precise and time consuming process. At an average cost of less than $ .25 cents per ounce, combined with the peace of mind provided by our safety standards and certifications, why would you consider any gelato but Villa Dolce?

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