Single Serve Collection

We all want convenience. When offering a to-go treat at a deli, grocery store, school campus, hotel gift shop or poolside resort, the Villa Dolce single serve collection provides portion control and a profitable, on-the-go snack. Perfect for catering and buffets, too.

As an added benefit, we provide a spoon conveniently located underneath the lid.

Pack Size 24 / 3.6oz.

Vanilla Bean Gelato

The distinctive flavor of our bourbon vanilla comes from its origin of Madagascar, an island located off the southeastern coast of Africa. We combine our vanilla with fresh cream, milk and pure cane sugar to complement the purity and richness of this exquisite bean.

Salted Caramel Gelato

Buttery, sweet caramel gelato made with imported Argentine Dulce de Leche becomes even more irresistible with an infusion of French sea salt. A perfectly balanced sweet and savory delight

Raspberry Sorbetto

Hand picked ripe raspberries mixed with sweet cane sugar create an intense flavor that is pleasantly tart and sweet.

Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate lovers will not be disappointed. Smooth and intense, our dark chocolate is crafted in one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries and made from the finest blend of sustainable cocoa beans. This is artisan gelato at its decadent best.

Mango Sorbetto

Harvested in the remote Ratnagiri district on the west coast of India, Alphonso is considered the best mango in the world because of its superb flavor and smooth texture. Like biting into a ripe mango, this exotic flavor is sublimely rich and silky.