Galaxy Milkshake Recipe

A shake that’s out of this world delicious! The marriage of Wild Strawberry gelato and Birthday Cake gelato combined with Charcoal powder makes for a stellar taste sensation!


5 oz – Wild Strawberry Swirl Gelato
2 oz – Half & Half Cream
5 oz – Birthday Cake Gelato
1 Tbsp – Purple Sugar Crystals
2 oz – Marshmallow Fluff
Pinch – Charcoal Powder
Pinch – Pop Rocks


Blend together the Wild Strawberry Swirl Gelato and Half and Half cream.

Separately, blend the Birthday Cake Gelato, half and half cream, 1 oz marshmallow fluff and charcoal powder.

Begin filling the cup, alternating layers of the Wild Strawberry Gelato shake, Birthday Cake Gelato shake and purple sugar crystals, then stir.

Top with remaining marshmallow fluff, pop rocks and serve.

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