Our Flavors

As the premier producer of artisanal gelato and sorbetto in America, we understand that an exceptional dessert leaves a lasting impression. That’s why quality, craftsmanship and connectivity are at the heart of every gelato and sorbetto we make. Our traditional recipes are made using time-honored, artisan techniques and feature pure cane sugar, ripe seasonal fruits and fresh pasteurized Real California dairy, free of growth hormones and sourced using the highest standards of animal care and environmental stewardship.

We carefully select only the finest ingredients from around the world including Real Belgium Chocolate, Italian Nut Paste, Argentine Dulce de Leche, Alphonso Mangos from India, Sicilian Blood Oranges, Madagascar Vanilla, and more.

We also offer an elite collection of signature flavors that represent our finest dessert innovations. These flavors, called Dolce Gold, deliver an unforgettable sensory experience, featuring flavor combinations and reserve ingredients not found anywhere else.

Villa Dolce has dozens of gelato and sorbetto flavors– proven sellers as well as select seasonal favorites. We can also customize something special just for your chain. As a gelato distributor with nationwide reach, we can deliver our product directly to you.

Dolce Gold
Single-Serve Cups

Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato

Caribbean Coconut Gelato

Green Tea Gelato

Belgian Dark Chocolate Gelato

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato

Sicilian Blood Orange Sorbetto

Piemonte Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch Gelato

Italian Espresso Gelato

Alphonso Mango Sorbetto

Argentine Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

Single Serve

Pure Sicilian Pistachio Gelato

Old World Spumoni Gelato

Nutella Gelato

Cherry Chocolate Chip With Honey Roasted Almonds Gelato

Cookie Butter (Speculaas) Gelato

Torta Al Limone (Lemon Pie) Gelato

Birthday Cake Gelato

Bourbon Vanilla Apple Crisp Gelato

Georgia Peach Gelato

Maple Roasted Butter Pecan Gelato

Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato

NY Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato

Roasted Banana Dulce De Leche Gelato

Stracciatella Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato

Traditional Cookies & Cream Gelato

Ube Purple Yam Gelato

Wild Strawberry Swirl Gelato

Passion Fruit Sorbetto

Rosanna Raspberry Sorbetto

Wild Strawberry Sorbetto

Zesty Lemon Sorbetto

Vegan Vanilla Gelato

Vegan Chocolate Gelato

Limoncello Sorbetto

“The gelato flavors I experienced growing up in Italy had much more flavor than American ice cream. My goal is to replicate that experience and give our customers something truly special.” – Gianandrea Marcaccini