Cherry Chocolate Chip w/ Honey Roasted Almonds

Experience love at first taste. Featuring the world famous Fabbri Amarena cherries imported from Bologna, Italy, our signature Amarena cherry gelato is enhanced with decadent Belgium chocolate slivers and crunchy roasted almonds. This treat is not to be missed!

Amarena Black Cherries

The story of the Fabbri Company began in 1905 when Ferrara-native Gennaro Fabbri and his wife Rachele took over an old general store in Portomaggiore, which was in close proximity to a wild black cherry orchard. One day, Rachele picked the cherries and slowly cooked them and semi-candied them in copper pots. She transformed the cherries into a wonderfully delicious treat that soon became known as the Amarena Fabbri.

Belgian Dark Chocolate

Made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients, our Belgian chocolate is considered among the best in the world. Its superiority comes from the fact that the integrity of the ingredients and processes haven’t changed much in more than 100 years.

Honey Roasted Almonds

With a sweet honey flavor and a hint of salt, our almonds are the perfect blend of salty and sweet.