The Best Ways to Store Your Gelato

Whether you are planning to buy wholesale gelato from the grocery store or prepare it from scratch, you should know that there are various ways to keep its texture and flavor. Yes, a gelato freezer may help, but you don’t want to go wrong in here. C’mon, we are talking about gelato! So, here are some things you should take into consideration:

1. Deep chill it.
If there is something you should know about storing gelato, it is the fact that it hates abrupt changes in temperature. Ideally, freshly churned ice creams and gelato must be chilled at the lowest temperature possible, defrosted slowly until it can be scooped, and then indulge in just one sitting!

Whenever there is an increase in temperature, the ice crystals trapped in the mixture will melt. Well, that is completely fine if you wish to consume your gelato right away, but if you intend to eat only when you feel the need to cool down, always be sure your gelato is frozen. The goal is to keep your gelato as cold as possible.

2. Store the gelato at the back portion of your freezer.
Whenever you open the door of your freezer, you are letting warm air in. Therefore, as much as possible, store gelato in the back portion of the freezer or position it beneath other frozen items. It will protect it from melting caused by warm air.

Then again, if you have already pulled out the gelato from the fridge longer than you have to, just let it melt all the way before putting it back to the fridge.

3. Observe proper temperature.
Gelato is best stored at a temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer has a thermometer, it is best that you adjust its settings to maintain this temperature. Otherwise, go buy one.

Don’t underestimate what a gelato freezer can do. Without it, your wholesale gelato might turn out crunchy and icy, affecting its overall taste.

4. Keep the storage containers airtight.
To keep your gelato’s taste intact, use an airtight container with a tight-fitting lid. For added security, you can put a layer of plastic wrap between the gelato and the lid.

If you don’t want your gelato to crystalize and desiccate, do not let air in. Using an airtight container helps, but take note that air trapped inside the container for a certain period of time may cause further damage. If you like to eat gelato in ample amounts, scoop them into smaller containers and put back the rest at the back portion of the fridge.
You might also want to freeze your gelato in smaller containers as they tend to freeze faster. However, it is worth noting that smaller containers are harder to scoop.

At the end of the day, no matter how airtight your gelato’s container is, storing it in the freezer for a prolonged time may impact its taste and texture. To enjoy your gelato, it must be consumed for no more than a week or two.