What You Need to Know About Gelato Dipping Freezers

If you’re in the gelato business, you already know about the differences between gelato and ice cream. That’s why the freezer where you store it needs to be specific to gelato, not ice cream.

When it comes to gelato dipping freezers, there are certain features to consider whether you’re buying one in-person or are looking at gelato display freezers online.

Set the Right Temperature

To enjoy gelato, it needs to be at the right temperature. Ice cream needs to be stored at a colder temperature than gelato due to its texture. While ice cream is stored anywhere from 6 degrees to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, gelato dipping freezers need to be set at a warmer temperature because gelato is softer than ice cream. You want to be able to serve it easily and maintain the right texture and flavor. You may need to play around with the temperature setting to find the right temperature to keep your product in its best condition.

Freezer Space

As you look at different gelato display freezers online, you’ll notice that one of the big things that separate them is the space they provide. You want to have enough space to hold all of your flavors so they are not squished, but you don’t want to have too much space that your freezer looks empty.

You’ll want to not only consider how many flavors you’re going to offer, but how many customers you typically have. You want to have enough space to store gelato without quickly running out.


Design is a big selling point when it comes to gelato dipping freezers. There are different shaped cases depending on the space you have and the look you prefer. Be sure to look at all designs of gelato display freezers online so that you can find the one that best suits your business.

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