How the Right Gelato Freezer and Gelato Display can make a Huge Difference in Your Gelato Experience

There is one cold food that is considered by many as comfort food, gelato. This mild-tasting, soft, and silky dessert is recognized as being a healthier choice than typical ice cream. Gelato is an Italian word and this Italian style of making ice cream is superior to other types of cold desserts. While gelato is wonderful, the correct style of gelato refrigerator and freezer also matters.

The Gelato Freezer

A special gelato freezer is needed to make the perfect gelato. The consistency and softness of gelato can only be achieved if the gelato freezer has the right temperature. The temperature that goes above or below the gelato freezing point can compromise the consistency of the gelato.

The correct temperature of a gelato freezer is also important to preserve the flavors and structure of gelato. The preferred temperature in a gelato freezer is between -11°C to -14°C, this will cause the gelato to freeze quickly into the correct shape. When stored in a freezer, gelato will last longer however you can also keep your gelato in a refrigerator should the refrigerator be cool enough.

Gelato refrigerators are as important as a freezer. Most of the time, this is where gelato is stored before serving. Many gelato refrigerators act as display cases for gelato when served in a parlor/shop. This style of gelato refrigerator will maintain a cool temperature so the gelato will not be too soft nor too hard to eat and enjoy.

Caring for your Gelato Refrigerator and Freezer

Like any food equipment, gelato refrigerators and freezers should continuously be maintained to ensure the quality and safety of the produced gelato. This equipment’s capacity, in terms of temperature, should be regularly checked to guarantee the gelato will form correctly. Cleaning is also part of the regular maintenance a gelato refrigerator and freezer must receive. Regular cleaning will make sure mold, dirt and other particles that may contaminate the gelatos are not present in the gelato equipment.

Gelato is a delicate dessert that needs heavy-duty and well-functioning equipment. If you want to have the best gelato, you just need to make sure that you get it from the people who invest only in the best gelato freezers and refrigerators so you can experience the best gelato taste, consistency, and texture.