Fun Facts About Sorbetto  

When people talk about sorbet or sorbetto, they may think of it as just a dessert with a fruity flavor that tastes good and is refreshing. But, there are some fun facts about sorbetto that you may have never known.

Let’s take a look…

  • Sorbet likely originated from a cold dessert made from snow during the time of Ancient Rome or possibly from a similar dessert in Asia.
  • Sorbet is low-fat and dairy-free, a great dessert choice for people who are lactose intolerant or have other dairy allergies.
  • Sorbet is made from fruit, sugar, and water.
  • While it can be a stand-alone dessert, sorbet is often served in between meals as a palate cleanser. It can be served before, during, or after the main course.
  • Sorbet is not the same as sherbet. Sherbert may contain dairy ingredients, which is not the case with sorbet. This is a very important difference to be aware of if you have a dairy allergy.
  • Sorbet and sorbetto are one and the same. Sorbetto is the Italian name for the popular dessert.

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