Spectacular Single-Serve Gelato Cups

What is most important to today’s consumers is convenience.

Since many consumers are time stressed, multi tasking has become not just a habit, but a way of life. Everyone works too much and over schedules their time. One of the great joys is to find a little time for an affordable, elegant luxury. Single-serve Gelato meets the needs of busy people on the go.

Gelato’s popularity is legendary the past few years. Many new and interesting flavors have hit the market from a wide group of new companies. At Villa Dolce, we have produced authentic Gelato for many years. We believe there is room in the market for newcomers; competition drives innovation and better choices for consumers. It’s also important to select companies with enough experience to manufacturer Gelato properly with the right equipment, freezing capability and production experience to follow all state and federal food safety requirements.

Consumers love Gelato because it has it has less fat than ice cream. When made properly it is dense, rich and creamy with low overrun. Overrun is the process of pumping air into ice cream or gelato. Lift a 25% overrun tub next to 100% version side-by-side and the difference will astound you.

Authentic Gelato is gluten-free and made with pure cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Foodservice operators should also be certain their Gelato comes from recipes that use pasteurized cream without growth hormone. Today’s consumers demand fresh fruit, flavorings and preserves, rather than artificial or chemical laden syrups.

Once you select the right Gelato, look for single-serve packaging. The flexibility of single-serve is its marketability on room service menus, hotel gift shops and poolside at resorts. Banquet buffets and catering events are also great venues for single-serve as are specialty delis and grocery stores.

The benefit of single-serve is portion control, no over or under scooping by poorly trained staff. The convenience benefit offers a quick transaction with no waiting in line for service. Single-serve is a profitable, on-the-go snack that encourages consumers to treat themselves to a delicious, healthy indulgence.

If you don’t currently market spectacular single-serve Gelato, now is the time to explore its benefits for both you and your customers.