100% Creamy. 100% Delicious.

Finally, a better option for dairy lovers and plant-based fans alike!

Our new animal-free gelato delivers the same real taste and texture you love AND is vegan-friendly and lactose-free – all thanks to Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein. It’s molecularly identical to dairy from cows but requires less water, land and total greenhouse gas emissions. This isn’t like dairy, it is dairy! The result is a kinder, greener gelato that we’re certain your customers will enjoy.

About Villa Dolce

We are committed to the 500-year-old tradition of handcrafting gelato and sorbetto with unparalleled artisanship.

We make everything from scratch, using only the finest natural and raw ingredients, carefully sourced locally and from around the world.

Our creamy gelato and refreshing sorbetto are available in many luxurious flavors, with each and
every batch slowly blended to perfection.

Contact Villa Dolce

We deliver product everywhere in the U.S. through our nationwide distribution. For questions or to set up an account, please call or email us. Office: 1 (866) 228 9415 Email: sales@villadolcegelato.com

“Villa Dolce is committed to sweetening life by delivering exceptional products and services. We manufacture and market only those goods that enhance everyday living while respecting our shared planet.”

– The Marcaccinis