At Villa Dolce, we specialize in smiles and package our Gelato and Sorbetto in different ways so YOUR customer can try, buy, and love Gelato their way. Whether you are a restaurant, coffee shop, pizzeria, or scoop shop, Villa Dolce Gelato is designed to offer the very best in authentic Italian flavors and experience.



Your customers may be coming in for a sandwich, slice of pizza or just a coffee, but the temptation of something sweet is often too much to pass up. Made with real fruit and the best ingredients sourced from around the world, our gelato will be a favorite dessert choice.
And with more people cutting down on calories, Villa Dolce Gelato is an ideal treat as it’s made with less fat than ice cream. We never use any artificial flavorings or high fructose corn syrup; just 100% natural ingredients.  Learn more about our gelato startup packages here.



Villa Dolce is proud to service thousands of fine dining restaurants, country clubs, and resort properties throughout the United States. Executive Chefs categorize the Villa Dolce brand as the only true artisan / ultra-premium Gelato and Sorbetto.
When Executive culinary teams prepare in-house desserts from scratch, there is a lot of passion involved with their dessert creations. On many occasions Villa Dolce Gelato and Sorbettos are paired side-by-side with their spectacular desserts, complementing what they have created with the confidence of extreme creaminess, natural balance of flavor profiles, and most importantly: brand quality consistency.



People want convenience. Villa Dolce Gelato offers incredible quality, all natural ingredients, and an authentic Italian experience in a cup.
Whether to-go at a deli, grocery store, hotel gift shop or resort poolside, Villa Dolce provides portion control and a profitable on-the-go snack. Perfect for catering and buffets too.
As an added benefit to our single serve collection, you will find a spoon conveniently located underneath the lid.


Villa Dolce is committed to your success. Working closely with your business, we offer training on gelato display case presentations, advertising, marketing and product knowledge. For your convenience we offer a full line of serving cups, spoons, and specialty gelato accessories hereEverything you need to be successful in YOUR gelato adventure.