Gelato vs Ice Cream

The reasons are simple: Gelato is made with all natural ingredients, has less fat and fewer calories. More specifically:

Gelato is much denser than Ice Cream, which means the flavors are much more intense. This is primarily due to how it’s made: Ice Cream is churned faster and harder  which whips in a lot of air expanding the overall volume. Ice Cream can be churned up to 50-90% higher volume, which translates into a lot less flavor as every bite is more than half air.

Besides being more flavorful, it has a lower fat content as it’s made with milk versus cream, and it’s normally not made with egg yolks. At a minimum, Ice Cream is 10% fat content (premium brands are much higher) versus Gelato which weighs in at 5-10% fat. As a result, with less fat content, the main flavor ingredients stands out.

The other primary difference is the serving temperature. Gelato is served much warmer than Ice Cream – about 10-15 degrees warmer giving it that soft, silky texture. Ice Cream needs to be served very cold or the high fat in water emulsion would turn soupy in no time.