Italian Espresso Gelato

Made with 100% Arabica blend coffee beans from the mountains of Serra Acima in Brazil. The mature Arabica bean delivers a deep and delicious espresso flavor to our gelato. Lightly softened with a small amount of cream and sugar, this full-bodied blend leaves a lasting impression.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica trees require a temperate climate and considerable growing care. Smoother and less acidic than other varieties, coffee and espresso made from Arabica beans has an intense, intricate aroma that can be reminiscent of flowers, fruit, honey, chocolate, caramel or toasted bread.

Whole Milk & Cream

The milk and cream we use comes from cows raised by local dairy co-ops in Southern California.  It is grass-grazed, hormone and antibiotic free. Our farmers are held to quality farm management practices, and the highest standards of animal care and environmental stewardship.