Fun Facts About Gelato and Why You Should be Selling It Today

If you’re in the food business and already have ice cream on the menu, you may ask yourself, why do I need to add gelato? Aren’t they the same thing? Absolutely not! Gelato is in a class of its own and that’s why it has its own gelato distributors, like Villa Dolce Gelato, that are experts in the business. To prove to you that ice cream and gelato are totally different, here are some fun facts about the sweet treat that’s gaining in popularity. Did you know…?
  • The first gelato cart was created between the 1920s and 1930s in Varese, a city in Northern Italy. Gelato was around for centuries before, but this is when people really started to get turned on to it.
  • Gelato is stored at a warmer temperature than ice cream. Ice cream is typically chilled between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit, while gelato is kept between 10 and 15 degrees.
  • Gelato is served using paddles, not ice cream scoopers. The reason for doing this is that it’s believed the flat surface of the paddle can soften up gelato better. Less air is churned into gelato compared to ice cream, making it smoother, softer, and denser.
  • Gelato is actually a healthier option than ice cream. It has only between 3% and 8% milk fat compared to the 10% to 17% that comes along with normal ice cream.
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